The Land of Plenty

29 Sep

I ate a flower today.  Not just any flower… it was called a nasturtium And… it was good.  It had a bit of a peppery flavor to it.  You can eat the flower and the leaves!  Who knew!  I am told it has antibiotic qualities to it.  I did a little gardening today with my hostess here in Wettenbostel.  It was a great day.  The sun was shining such warmth that it felt like summer…. even warmer than actual summer!

It was a simple day and somewhat of a diversion as the blue sky and warm temperatures were calling our name.  So we took a break from indoor work and harvested some beets and beans from the garden.  Then I happily sat in the garden dirt peeling the white beans and gathering them into a rich pile ready to cook.  The garden is at the neighbor’s home, a friendly older German woman.  I am glad to see her but I just smile as I can speak no German with her and she can speak no English.  She offers both of us a giant yellow squash from her garden.  Big and beautiful.

We prepared a few of the items for dinner and enjoyed a meal together.  The beets were boiled and cooked then mixed with some garlic and honey.  I loved peeling the skin off of the beets and feeling their beautiful soft flesh… so good and wholesome. The yellow squash was sautéed with green squash and some sweet onions.  On the side – quinoa and potatoes (this is Germany after all).  And the day and the meal was…. rich.  And I felt kind of … spoiled.

It was… a good day.  Well fed by the sun and nourished by the land and the people around me.

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