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Thanks for stopping by! This is not your typical travel blog… and I suppose, I am not your typical traveler!  Join me at Gypsy Woman Cafe for a cup of adventure and a sip of wisdom.

In 2011 at the age of 40, I began what unfolded into a five year international escapade. Over those years I found myself in Germany, France, Austria, South Korea and Thailand. I made my way through leaps of faith, supported risks, creative work exchanges and teaching English.

I have been back in the US since Spring 2016, but I continue to explore ways to grow and nurture my gypsy spirit! I believe there’s a little gypsy in all of us whether it’s a day trip to an enchanting forest or visiting a foreign land. In this blog I seek to share, uplift, inspire and nurture the gypsy in all of us.

I also aim to keep it real and offer some of my own challenges, opportunities and solutions along the way. In addition to travel, I love to share about life’s journey, spirituality, wellness and healing.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find:


Travel Tips

At the age of 40, I took a leap, left the United States, and entered the big wide world of international travel.  This is something I always wanted to do and never dreamed I actually could. But I did… and you can too! Here are some TRAVEL TIPS to get you started!

Travel the World with Helpx!

Save Money on Flights

Travel Tips for Freedom and Flexibility

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Travel Stories

Perhaps roaming the globe is not quite your cup of tea, but you’d still like to come along for the ride. Perfect! It’s great to have you and I love sharing my TRAVEL STORIES.  Here are a few of my favorites:

I Ate Cornbread in France

Meandering in Seoul

An Eternity to Learn German

Rainy Days in Graz

TO SEE MORE TRAVEL STORIES – go to CHOOSE A TOPIC! on the side menu. Scroll down and select Travel Stories.


A Sip of Wisdom

Years before I took the travel leap, and still today, I have had a hearty helping of personal challenges. Equally so, my cup runneth over with new experiences, lessons and tools to help me grow along the way. I love to share about them! I humbly offer A SIP OF WISDOM.

Some of my favorite topics include Spirituality and Sugar-free and Healthy Eating.

I have been a Reiki practitioner for over ten years. I am also an appreciative student of the following spiritual practices and organizations:  Yoga, Art of Living, Soka Gakkai International. I have found all of these practices to offer concrete benefits that make a daily impact on the quality of my life.

Ten years ago I cut sugar and caffeine from my diet for health reasons and began an ongoing journey exploring the direct impact that food has on my health and well-being. Changing my diet has made a huge difference for me and could help you too.

Join me as I explore these and related topics with a healthy serving of personal experience, humility and integrity offering ideas and resources to benefit your own life. Here is a good place to start:

Life Without Sugar

Parting with Familiarity

Cultivating Happiness

6 Tips for Surfing Through Uncertainty

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Graphic Design and Reiki

Enough about me… what about you?  How can I be of service? I am a skilled graphic designer and dedicated Reiki practitioner providing top notch quality and customer care. Please visit my Reiki and Graphic Design pages to learn more about the professional services I provide.


My Personal Story

If you’d like to learn more about me, please click here to read my personal story.

Thanks for visiting!  It’s great to have you here!

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