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For the past year or so I have invited Young Living Essential Oils into my life as I continue on my journey of health and well-being. I have been impressed with the feel of quality and purity of Young Living products as well as the many small and large gusts of relief, groundedness, ease and overall well-being they have ushered into my life. I’d love to share them with you!

An Invitation to Wellness
One of my favorites things about the Young Living Oils and community is their lens on overall health and prevention. It’s exciting to dive a little deeper into a lifestyle that supports health in a natural way and has a wise eye on prevention including addressing many ways we can eliminate toxins and chemicals from our life. It feels better to live this way! And it’s great to be connected with a community and business with integrity as part of the journey.

New to Essential Oils?

Essential oils are aromatic, concentrated plant extracts that are carefully obtained through steam distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping.  

How Essential Oils Work
Essential oils are not liquids. They are, basically, liquid vapors. They contain plant molecules which our bodies know what to do with just like when we “eat our veggies.” They are also “lipid soluble” which means they can pass through cell membranes. When we use quality therapeutic essential oils, they pass right through our skin and “get to work” practically immediately. Some get picked up by the blood which then are carried around the body and to each of the cells.

Our body’s molecules have specific receptor sites. When a molecule of our pure essential oils comes along that is a match for that receptor, that cell accepts it and we reap the benefits. For example, if your body is aching you may be running short on acetylcholine. Roman Chamomile has a molecule that is a twin of this compound. So when we use this oil, our body’s molecules that are lacking receive the molecule match from the oil and we experience some relief.  Right away!

Benefits and Uses of Essential Oils (follow link)

How to use Essential Oils (follow link)

Would you like to try Young Living Essential Oils?
No matter where you are in your journey of health and well-being, there is something for you in Young Living. Come explore the many ways these oils can support your life! Whether you’re looking for relief from stress and anxiety, help with focusing, natural options for treating your illness or health complication, or products and resources to cut harmful chemicals out of your lifestyle, this is a great place to stop!

Young Living Oils are 100% therapeutic grade oils. These are not your grocery store or retail outlet essential oils. Young Living pure essential oils are the real deal, can last for centuries and require no expiration date.

Seed to Seal is Young Living’s commitment to the highest standards in quality oils. They extends their rigorous standards for quality to their global corporate-owned farms, partner farms, and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers. This includes “beyond organic” practices such as composting and using essential oils for weed control. Quality control testing begins at their farms and continues all the way through the final stages before shipping to their customers. Follow this link to read more.  

Did you know the FDA only requires that you have 5% of the essential oil in the bottle to label that it’s pure?  The FDA doesn’t regulate for added chemicals to essential oils. The Young Living quality control team uses an array of physical, chemical, and microbiological scientific tests to measure the exact components and properties of their essential oils to assure a quality product.

Beyond testing and measurement, you can just feel the quality. Using Young Living Essential Oils, supplements and products feel like you’re doing something really good for yourself!

Where to Start?
A great place to start is with a Young Living Premium Starter kit. This kit is like a burst of fresh energy and possibility packed with Young Living essential oils to support health, relaxation and living toxin-free.

Not All Diffusers Are Created Equal
The kit also includes a quality diffuser. Young Living’s diffusers are made from medical grade plastic meant to withstand the potency of essential oils. Pure essential oils cut toxins, and since plastic is a toxin, when you use a typical plastic diffuser you are at risk of breaking down and distributing those toxins into the air.

The Young Living Premium Starter Kit includes these Essential Oils:
Lavender  • Peppermint Vitality™  • Lemon Vitality™ • Valor®   • Peace & Calming® • Frankincense  • Thieves® Vitality™ • Citrus Fresh™ Vitality  • Raven™ • DiGize™ Vitality™ • PanAway® • Stress Away

Plus an assortment of samples and other goodies including Thieves Household Cleaner and Hand Purifier samples.

Here is just a little inspiration for what you can do with the oils in your premium starter kit.  Click image to view!

How Can I Help?
If you’d like to know more, have questions or would like to explore how these oils will support your life and healthy lifestyle, feel free to reach out via my contact form!

Rarin to Go?
Are you ready to walk through this door into the next room of your health and well-being? Wait no longer! Simply follow this link below to sign up as a member and order your premium starter kit.

Would you like some support with registering? I am happy to assist! Please feel free to contact me and we can take a look at things together.

Young Living Community
When you become a Young Living member with my team, you also receive the benefit of an enthusiastic, supportive and gentle community. This includes an option to participate in a wonderful and engaged facebook group that is a deep well of information and experience and a place you can come to ask questions, get inspired and receive support.  

Let the Journey Begin!

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