Learning to flow

1 Oct

It’s Saturday morning at the Seminar Haus.  It’s later in the morning.  The group visiting this weekend has been fed and Dan is in the kitchen listening to music on his computer.  Can’t tell what music it is… but it has kind of a reggae hip hop beat.  It’s a beautiful sunny day but there is still a little crispness in the air.  Leggins and a long sleeve sweatshirt suffice for warmth and comfort.

I have already ventured out this morning… 11:00am being not all that late in the morning for me as I slowly weave into the day.  I took a little bike ride this morning.  Fun, but sometimes a little challenging as the bicycle I use only has one gear.  A gear that is suitable for riding flat, but once you ride up a little hill it feels like peddling a brick.  Plus I must say I am spoiled from years of living in FLAT New Orleans.  A land so flat, they built a hill at the zoo called Monkey Hill so kids could experience an actual hill…anyway, I digress.. it is still bike riding nonetheless and it was good to visit the surrounding fields and bicycle paths as the potatoes are being harvested.  On my way back I visited our hosts neighbor and harvested a few beets, leeks, tomatoes and pears for a little lunch later.  Then back at the seminar haus, more harvesting of apples from the many apple trees…set out for the guests to enjoy.

And here I am in the flow of the day.  Sometimes it zings this way… Sometimes that.  Sometimes it’s quiet and still… wondering what is around the corner.  And the degree of flow here is… new to me.  Oh sure I had some practice of flow during and after hurricane Katrina as well as living in New Orleans.  But I think somewhere recently I just got so tired of shifting I thought perhaps if I could just make everything be still and unmoving… everything would be okay.  Well… that doesn’t work.  So here I am at the Seminar Haus in Wettenbostel.  The land of constant movement.  And practicing going with the flow.

Yesterday was some good strengthening of my flow muscle.  The was a bit of a “breakdown” shall we say here at the Seminar Haus.  Just hours before the guests were to arrive.  So, we all had to adjust… move… and flow.  Guests needed to be moved from one location to another… new rooms to clean and responding to the situation at hand.  We are still in the midst of that breakdown this morning… so far in a more peaceful settled kind of way.  It worked out that there was a smaller group this weekend so the flux was easily accommodated.

A little break for now until more bustle with the preparation of lunch.  Our host just arrived… likely a business will start to pick up.  Time to… ya know… go with the flow.

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