Taking Time to Smell the Roses

5 Mar

Well, it’s been a big week.  After a busy and at times hectic school year it is seemingly suddenly… finished.  It’s a bit strange really to go from a daily work life filled with the bustling energy of literally thousands of young Thai faces to suddenly… an empty campus and classrooms.

It is never easy to say good-bye.  In fact, I somewhat deliberately avoided using those words as they have a certain finality to them.  But a few of them snuck in… and along with them the inevitable shock of teary eyes and holding back tears. Ugh… a bit tough at times.

Honestly, it was a challenging journey for me this year.  While there were many things I enjoyed about Thailand, teaching and the students, there were things that were personally difficult.  In the end, much of that feels washed away and I am left with the satisfaction of completion and the sweet faces that were part of my daily life for nearly a year.

Last Day of Class

Last Day of Class

Students took their final tests on the last two days of school.  The second day of testing and the final day of school, I received an unexpected and beautiful surprise nearing the end of the day.  Engrossed in the final work at hand, I didn’t notice the door to our office open but suddenly heard a quiet “Teacher Teresa.”  I looked up to see a small sea of the sweet faces of many of the boys in my class with one of my more dedicated student helpers offering me a bouquet of roses. I was then greeted with an array of good-bye hugs.  The flowers were beautiful and shockingly fragrant and it was one of the loveliest acknowledgements I have ever received.


Beautiful Bouquet of Roses

And so, here I am in post-school completion but still with a few weeks left and some final work to complete.  In many ways I feel free and liberated with the end of the school year and a lightness in my body and being as I revel in more free time and prepare to shift to what is next.  Appreciating my nerdy preferences to tend to all the final details as I once again transform my slightly expanded life back into two suit-cases.

I have worked busily and at times neurotically to neatly tuck my job and life into pre-departure orderly fashion.  While there is still work to do, there is also a light at the end of the tunnel.  A little more time to just relax, just be.  In the wake of a busy year filled with so much personal growth, huge energy and transformation… I am also taking a little time to appreciate the year that has passed and simply smell the roses.

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