21 Feb

Ah, it’s a great Sunday afternoon.  After a super-busy week filled with… so many speaking tests… it feels really good to have some down time.  My apartment is not far from the Ping River, so my windows are open and I am enjoying a warm, yet luxurious breeze flowing through the room. This Sunday is especially luxurious because Monday is a holiday and I colorsofthailandhave a three-day weekend.  Ah, what a thrill.  Sunday is really a different day when the hustle and bustle of the workweek hasn’t started to creep in. And for that, I am grateful.

Things are still moving along at work getting closer and closer to the finale. With an extra day to relax, I feel I am doing a pretty good job of enjoying where I am while still being poignantly aware of the change and transition on the horizon.

As we shift away from “cold season,” the most “friendly” time of year to be in Chiang Mai, and (hopefully) slowly eek into hot season, the trees are starting to brim with color.  Strangely enough, some trees leaves are changing color and falling from the trees, sort of like autumn, while others are beginning to blossom and explode with color.  This is undeniably a colorful country reflected not only in the blossoms on the trees, but in the colors the people wear and the things they create.  The students where I teach easily sway into vibrant creativity and I am often amazed by the things they create.


I had a typical Sunday morning… which lately has included a regular trip to the JJs farmers market.  This market, while not fully organic, is one of the higher quality markets in town.  I’ve come to enjoy my regular trips there and the simple pleasures of purchasing avocados and other favorites from local farmers.  After the market I made my way to my favorite Rimping grocery store and then a few practical purchase at the local Tesco/Lotus store.  Ever the American, I can’t deny I get a secret pleasure from such periodic shopping diversions…even for the simplest of things.  My big purchase for the day was a new fan, a necessary item with the heat starting to turn up.

My thoughts are filled with many of the practical things I must do before I leave.  Admittedly, I like closure… and I like the process of organizing myself and planning as I shift from one location to the next.  I am handling some practical things like going to the dentist, which is a super affordable “treat” (if the dentist can be a treat) here in Thailand.  I am grateful I was turned on to a high quality dental clinic, the Bangkok Hospital Dental Clinic.  It makes a big difference to be assured that I am receiving quality care… in addition to the affordable price.

My big plans for the weekend don’t extend much further than where I am right now.  I am soaking up the slow…  earnestly so glad to be here but also leaning into the upcoming change.

A short week and a lighter load awaits me at work.  In the meantime, I am gratefully and happily here, basking in the added reliable breeze courtesy of my new fan.

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