21 Oct

Just another day here in Wettenbostel.  I can feel the rhythms and the flow of all of us here living together as our lives weave through, near and around each other.  The ins and the outs of the day.  The colorful life of living in community.

I woke up this morning to join the lately typical morning crew in kitchen… my friend the bicycling traveling German, Jörn and our host.  They were having a hearty morning conversation… mostly in German.  My host is Canadian but has lived here for about 25 years… so German has become part of his nature.  He can switch from English to German like changing the channel.  Often I have to remind him… as he is speaking to me in German… English please… English… and I push the English button and he speaks English.

I am talking more about learning German… and when people ask me if I have learned any German I now talk more about wanting to, or trying to, or exploring that.  More German has been spoken around here lately with Jörn staying at Seminar Haus… so I find the motivation to learn has increased.  Different people have offered different suggestions.  Learn one word a day… watch movies in German.  So the door to learning is opening… It would be nice to be a part of the secret German world currently such a mystery to me.

It is so wild to be present to a conversation spoken with sounds that I cannot even discern as words.  Language.  Wow.  Really something else. As an American speaking English perpetually and exclusively for so many years in the great big island of America… I came to think, although not consciously, that the language I used to describe things was fixed like truth.  A toothbrush is a toothbrush… right?  But it’s not… In German it is called a zahnbürste… or at least that is what Google Translate says… my trusted translating companion.

Jörn and my hosts have departed briefly for the nearest town, Luneburg.  It is a beautiful city and the place to go often for shopping and other needs.  Jörn who joined us here in Wettenbostel  as a first step in a New Adventure returns now to Luneburg, his home, for a few days… with bicycle in tow.  What is next on his adventure?  It seems it is still unfolding.  I venture to say that he will go will the flow.  I too will do a little flowing… this weekend as I head for a little excursion to Hamburg.  My friend Olaf is leading a healing seminar on Sunday and I will go to attend.

And for now… just a little time on my own… as the ebb and flow of my community in Wettenbostel has shifted on to Lüneburg giving me some time to soak in the silence in the brisk autumn air.  Some time to myself.  Nice and appreciated… but also appreciated is being connected to, among and in… community.

Photo by Michael Hartley

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