Return to Wettenbostel

26 Jul

It was time to go back to Wettenbostel… for the weekend.  There was a wedding at the seminar house and I offered to come in from Hamburg to help out. I met up in Hamburg with a Reiki Master who was also helping out for the weekend and we traveled to Wettenbostel in her Mercedes mobile home. She lives part-time in a town by the sea called Büsom and we laughed as I practiced pronouncing it, the sounds feeling foreign in my mouth.

The trip there was easy and fluid.  We arrived to friendliness and hugs and a pristine silence as there was a silent yoga retreat at the seminar house.  Warm greetings welcoming us back were offered in hushed voices.  The seminar house was booked solid for the retreat, so I found my night’s sleep in the not yet renovated kitchen in the large Dojo with a mattress and comfy down cover and pillow on top of a wooden table for my bed.  Despite my rough surroundings, it felt good to be back.

The next morning, the visiting yogis were talking once again and it was time for us to get to work.  We began cleaning rooms in preparation for the wedding guests to arrive on Saturday.  I received a facebook message from a friend in Hamburg and I commented that Wettenbostel was a world away from Hamburg!…  Saturday was a busy full day of cleaning and preparing for the wedding.  The semi-prepared menu emmerged in unexpected ways as the mushrooms, and eggplants and other items filling up the kitchen came together in a wedding feast.  We cooked and served and cleaned until late that night.  About 10:30 (22:30 I should say…) my kind American friend gave me liberation to retreat to my room as he stayed and finished cleaning up the kitchen… the kitchen that… all day seemed like no matter how much you cleaned it, it was still dirty…

Sunday we were pretty tired from the intensity of the Saturday.  Breakfast was served to our wedding guests and then we relaxed a bit until mid-afternoon – time to returned to Hamburg.  Then… ahhh… an evening of rest and relaxation in the peace of the flat.   I woke up the next morning grateful to be in Hamburg but also relaxed and somehow restored from my weekend of work in Wettenbostel.

And this week my time in Hamburg comes to a close.  I am still tousled on the inside from my weekend of moving and shaking and some chaos at the wedding… wondering where things will shake out for me…  Is there some other interesting and inviting opportunity to unfold for me?

And yet what is there for me now is… being grateful.  Being grateful for the time I have had in Hamburg… the connections, the people I have met and who have extended themselves to me.  The generous opportunity to stay in this flat and have a beautiful bicycle to ride!…  And the goodness of having some place to return to with a warm comfortable bed, gardens and natural surrounding.

And for now I have some time to myself.  My mind and my body have been doing a little wrestling with one another..but I am in Hamburg for a few more days and then a train ride back to Wettenbostel.  Ah… just relax… relax and trust.

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