One Step at a Time

21 Jul

It is another day in Hamburg.  The sky is a little gray and I am spending time in the quietness of the apartment… torn between appreciating the quietness of the day and wondering if there is something else I should do.  Fresh groceries were delivered this morning.  With my growing wisdom I buzzed them in from the comfort of the fourth floor flat… rather than running all the way downstairs to let them in.  My marginal faith in my ability to successfully buzz… I listen in bed.. did they make it in?  Did they?  I don’t hear them… and then happily seeing not long after a box of fresh veggies, safely delivered by the door.  This week new deliveries… glad to see some new vegetables.  Fava beans, what looks like arugula, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and more.  And of course fresh eggs and bread. My extrovert and introvert are wrestling with the lack of activity in the day as I find that I am keeping to myself with the possibility of heading off to Wettenbostel tonight.

And I am finding, I am noticing, that when one is on a journey… while it can be interesting to consider what is next, what is the future… it is best to just take it one step at a time.  And today that step could be cleaning and cooking the fava beans and cooking a little lunch. Perhaps a walk later to the river Elbe.  It could be waiting to hear if I will be traveling to Wettenbostel.  No bells and fireworks.  No electricity.  And for today that is okay, although something inside of me wants something to be something else… more or different or… I can’t really say.  My head, my thoughts no matter how much it thinks it cannot stretch and see the future.  I may get an instinct, an urge and inspiration… but for today it may just be fava beans.  Fava beans and perhaps a little salad on the side.

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