It’s okay…

27 Jul

Well, it is my last night in Altona for now…the part of Hamburg where I have been visiting.  That is unless something unexpected happens or shifts.  I feel a lightness in the transition and gently spent the day with the town. It’s been a really nice day.  Nothing spectacular or anything.  I’ve been keeping pretty quiet the past few days… to myself. But I find as I am at ‘home’ relaxing into the day… whatever it is… it’s okay….

I went to a yoga class this morning.  It was my first yoga class since I departed for Europe.  Sure I have done some yoga on my own… keeping my body from getting locked in some unnatural position… but there is something about a lead class.  The class I went to today was a Kundalini yoga class.  It was just a bike ride away from the flat where I stay and a friend have given me a postcard that offered a discount on the class. It was comforting to find, like so many other practices, that no matter where you are in the world there are some common things to come ‘home’ to… yogi tea, traditional chants used in Kundalini yoga, and even singing of the ‘longtime sun’ song, in English.  I first learned this song in Austin, Tx where I first tried Kundalini yoga after evacuating from Hurricane Katrina. Happily, the yoga instructor was very easy with English and while I could mostly follow through watching her, it was nice to receive a little instruction here and there in the English language.

And the rest of the day has been… just kind of relaxed. It almost feels like summer today.  The sky is blue and I even wore a tank top… with a sweater tied around my waist for when it gets chilly… but still a tank top!…  And this afternoon I just nested…  curled up on the couch and watched Bridget Jones Diary on the flat screen tv in the flat… and ate bread and butter.  And then after, went for a stroll along the river.  It was like heaven.  Having time to be on my own and being out and still feeling connected with my surroundings, the city, the children laughing outside in the playground.

And it’s all… really okay.  I feel like I have settled into my bones a little bit today.  Relaxed more deeply into my experience of being in Germany.  And next… back to Wettenbostel.  Likely I will take the train tomorrow.  And my lovely flat hosts come home tonight late in the night.

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