A new day

20 Jul

The title of the post today is a new day.  I call it that simply because in this moment that is how it feels… like a new day.  Perhaps some sweeping away of the old, or simply just a freshness in the now… in the present….

I have just returned from an SGI Buddhism meeting with what now contains some familiar faces.  I am feeling like less of an American voyeur in my German SGI group.  When I show up I smile and giggle with some of the members… sort of an appreciation of knowing or recognizing each other even though we cannot communicate much with our words.  It is nice to feel the warmth and connectedness in the meeting and seeing these faces, feeling more related and relaxed.

Tonight was a discussion meeting… so we chanted first and then there was a conversation.  Someone was kind enough to translate the discussion for me so I had a basic understanding of what was being said… and the topic tonight was on the Master/Student relationship in Buddhism… or in German, Meister….  And it was discussed that Germans have a problem with this type of relationship because of its history.  But others shared shaping the nuances of that relationship… the most poignant of which offered the example of a student of a master chef.  The student does not just follow instructions of the master, but learns from them and then ultimately expresses what they have learned from the master with their own essence, their own touch… although impacted and influenced by the master.  After discussion, we ate some fruit and cookies and then headed home.

So now I am at home eating some late night muesli… or late night for me… it’s after 10:30pm…  I may connect tomorrow with my friends in Wettensbostel to return there for the weekend to help out with a wedding being held there.  Still waiting to hear.  In the meantime it is muesli and then a good night sleep for me!

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