Quiet Days and Big Skies

18 Apr

Wow, it’s a refreshing spring afternoon here in the midwest.  I have to laugh as I stay wrapped up in fleece and sweaters in this mid-60s F weather after my saturation in the Thailand heat.  I saw that a recent day in Chiang Mai was 44 degrees C (about 111 F).  While there are earnestly things I miss about my time and life in Chiang Mai, that number alone is a stark reminder of the joys AND pains of life in Thailand.

These past few weeks have been quite a simple time for me.  I am honestly just trying to rest up and get myself to a place of feeling more equilibrium.  I take the dog for walks. I relax and do Reiki for myself and others. I’ve watched some movies and more HGTV than I care to admit.  I am appreciating simple pleasures like unpacking my suitcases, washing all my clothes and having things feel stable and still if even just for now.

I am visiting with my mom in her friendly but small town in mid-western Americana.  Our days include plenty of shopping.  I believe I have sniffed out most of the organic products in all of the major groceries in her town and near-by.  My healthy-eating appetite has been simply saturated with products, stores and resources simply not available abroad.  I joined her recently at her regular Senior Sneakers workout class at the local community center – doing a little line dancing and weight lifting with my mom and her friends.  Additionally, my mom’s church down the street happens to have a great church wellness center with a caring and gracious staff.  This has become a place I love to go when visiting for yoga classes and other wellness resources.

Today I had the pleasure of connecting with the local SGI group.  This Buddhist practice has been in my life for the past 5 years and has ushered in supportive and wonderful community nearly everyplace I’ve been on the globe.  Genuine and interesting people and a dynamic and challenging practice and approach to life.  How grateful I am that I can turn to this local group whenever I am in town and feel their support and kindness and also develop and grow in my practice.

I haven’t been the most social of people lately and still feel like I am coming out of some Thailand/travel wormhole.  I swear for the first few weeks I felt like I was walking on the wrong side of the planet, as if I was literally walking upside down and might topple over.

As for the “what’s next” portion of this journey… I have opened some new doors and am taking a look around. In the meantime I am paying attention and doing my best to make wise decisions.

But for now I am here, in the land of surprisingly strong winds and big skies.  In some ways feeling a little out of my element, a bit like a foreigner myself, but grateful for the time to ease into a new life of some sort… the shape and breadth of which still to be clarified and discovered.

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