Wind of Change

29 Sep

After nearly two months at home with my mom and family, change is once again sweeping through my life. Perhaps it is akin to the change in the wind notorious for shifting the lives of Mary Poppins and Vianne from the movie Chocolate, both seemingly at the will of forces greater than themselves.

“Where is the wind blowing me this time?” you may ask.  For now I have drifted still within the boundaries of the continental US, to Washington DC and surrounding areas.  I have a new opportunity that requires I first handle some business in DC before I take my latest leap once again heading for international territory.  And so for now it seems my fate, my will, or simply the wind continues to direct me to new destinations.  And while I must admit I go through a sea of anxiety with each transition, I am truly content to continue my adventure.

My business tending in DC has brought with it some comforts and joy.  I am most grateful to have connected with a high school compadre who lives in the area and have enjoyed her quiet respite and engaging company.  I wandered into DC on a rainy fallish day and handled my important business of the day and then leisurely walked the city.  I found my way to the DC SGI Buddhist Cultural Center nestled comfortably on embassy row.  I took some time to chant there before continuing my extensive promenade down Massachusetts Avenue to Dupont Circle.

DC has such an international flavor as I passed the embassies from countries along the row.  It was fun to catch a small sampling of each country in the architecture and the diplomats coming and going.  I navigated my way through the streets of DC with a fair amount of ease. After being in Korea, it makes a BIG difference simply to be able to read the street signs and maps and ask for directions.

I am now spending a few more days just outside the DC area near the Shenandoah National State Park.  I connected with a woman through who was generous enough to invite me into her space while I am awaiting the completion of my DC business.  I am tucked away in a tiny town nestled in the shadows of the surrounding hills and mountains.


Days here have been reflective of the surroundings… simple and quiet.  I have enjoyed a walk in the neighborhood of mostly trees and hills with the occasional neighbor. I have soaked up some quiet time near the stream that flows through her property.  I have been glad to share heaping amounts of reiki in the afternoon mostly with my host, but also her cat Bob has joined in. We have the most lovely spot for reiki, the message table set up in her outdoor pagoda alongside the stream.

Just a few more days for me here and then with some luck I finish my DC business and… I am off… again!  In truth this is a bit of a challenging time in the wake of my father’s passing and leaving my family. I am still feeling the shift of the big changes in my life while also on the precipice of the next chapter in my journey.

Where I am off to next… remains with me for now.  But soon I will share.  My flight is just around the corner! Good-bye for now from the coolish mountain land in the northeast.

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