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Waiko “blowa”

23 Oct

It’s a Saturday afternoon and I am hanging out at my current housesit on the Big Island of Hawaii. In true ”Kona-side” style, the sun is shining brightly. It’s a beautiful afternoon just in the mid-80s and the afternoon heat isn’t hitting hard today like it does sometimes. It’s also a still afternoon, unusual for this windy little community nicknamed Waiko”blowa.”  I read a joke saying how windy is it in Waikoloa?  It’s so windy that when the wind stops blowing, the cows tip over.  Of course, not many cows right here where I am. But there are plenty of wild goats and boars to see dotted all over the landscape while driving about.

I went on my favorite Saturday morning outings today. As a food nerd and someone who really loves to collect and eat healthy organic food and as someone who’s health and well-being depend on it, as usual I happily spend a chunk of my time hunting and gathering healthy food. On Saturday mornings in the nearby town of Waimea, Big Island, there are three Farmers Markets going on in the community including the Waimea Town Market and the Kamuela Farmers Market. Waimea is at about 2500 ft. elevation, a little 30-minute climb up the mountain from my location, so it’s a nice departure from the heat down below with cooler weather and often some lovely low lying clouds and sometimes, of course, fierce winds. But not much wind today. Just lovely quiet space, the beauty of outstretched nature and me on my mission to gather some food for the week.

Today I tried someplace new in Waimea and went the the Waimea Butcher Shop. It was a great local spot filled with only the highest quality fresh local meats, never any antibiotics or hormones added, and humanely raised. I got a few simple items and could really see and feel the quality. Plus, always great to buy from a little local shop.

While I am often on my own out here in Waika“blowa” my sense so far of Big Island culture is that it is very laid back. The island itself is still pretty raw and lightly populated, so it seems folks who live here experience more of an “island” life than Oahu. There are fewer goods, fewer resources, fewer people to do all the things that you might want or need people to do. And oh yeah, it’s expensive. More expensive than Oahu which surprised me but I suppose makes sense.

It does seem that the Big Island filled with many long-term locals is being more dotted and inundated with newcomers from the mainland. If they’re anything like me, perhaps they are bringing some of their mainland expectations of how things “should” be from store supplies to internet and phone reception and perhaps also like me need to take at least a little time to adjust and dial back some of those ways.

My days are filled with simple things. Caring for kitties. Time in the garden. Trips to the beach. Preparing simple yummy meals and movie breaks.  I also spend some of my time on my spiritual adventures which include of course my practice of Reiki and more recently tuning into folks like Lee Harris and reaping the benefits of their wisdom and unmistakable energetic lift from the work.

And I am here for now. What started as a one-month sit has shifted into a longer agreement as there have been some unexpected turns in the needs of my current homeowners away on the mainland. While many things are out of the ordinary here, there is certainly something in me that is opened up and somewhat at home in this raw lava dessert by the ocean.

So that’s it for now from me. How are things in your world?

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