At Home in Texas

17 Mar

It’s a coolish, almost spring morning and I am bundled under the covers in my temporary home in Texas.  With a bit of chagrin, I got on a plane a few weeks ago, left Hawaii at the completion of my housesit and returned to Texas for now.

Admittedly, there were some “good feelings” to returning to Texas.  It was… comforting in some ways to return to a more substantial mass of land and more “traditional” American life.  I landed in the Austin area and beyond where I find the land in the outlying areas grounding and comforting. The weather has been… a little bit of an adjustment. Thankfully I returned post “snowmageddon” but still cold to me after three months on Oahu! I broke out my fall and winter clothes which were grateful to receive a little attention like my lovely flowered scarf from Austria, my warmer merino wool sweaters and flannel pjs.

I have landed for now in a longer-term airbnb about an hour outside of Austin. It’s a sweet old home that was an original home in this area and the center of a dairy farm at its origin. The current owners and hosts have gone out of their way to be welcoming and helpful. I am fortunate to have the company of a small collection of deer who take daily respite in the backyard plus a modest assortment of curious neighborhood cats.

This time for me is a bit of a “pit stop.” Time to tend to some of the practicals of life for mind, body and soul. Time to reset, ponder and consider a bit in the midst of some down time with new possibilities on the horizon.

In the interim I am revisiting an “old friend” in the book The Artist’s Way.  I have joined up with a remote group of folks through a connection from when I was housesitting in Lawrence, KS.  It feels so good to revisit some of the Artist’s Way tools like the Morning Pages and affirmations.  It seems like a perfect time to give a little attention to strolling along on this gentle journey.

So for now, grateful and happy for a place to land. Comforted in the quiet brisk morning and the sun shining.  And satisfied in some of the simple joys in life, soulful pleasures and the stirring of new possibilities.

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