Just Arrived

5 May

Well, it all went quite quickly.  I got on a plane… left Vienna.  I spent an uneventful but somewhat eerie four-hour layover in Kiev, Ukraine.  Then got on another plane… and a mere 8 hours later I was here.  Well almost here.  I landed in Bangkok.  Then one more flight to my final destination, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I am in a Guest House for the evening reveling in some much appreciated air-conditioning.  While I arrived yesterday I am far from settled.  Wednesday I start my new job as an English Teacher at a local school, Dara Academy.

My new abode on the campus of Dara Academy

My new abode on the campus of Dara Academy

Chiang Mai is a smallish city in Northern Thailand known for its rich Thai culture as well as a noteworthy expat presence.  In my brief time in Chiang Mai I have been greeted by her gentle hills at the airport and captivated by the friendly spirit of the people.  Today I made my way to the Dara campus to be escorted to my new “home” where I will live on campus.  I am just beginning to experience the casual ways of Thailand.  In my 24 hours here I have already been on the back of a motorcycle pulling my roller suitcase in tow.  I also grabbed a ride to the local mall in a songtaew, a red pick-up truck taxi with an open back and two rows of seats for travelers.

As my room on campus is not quite ready to go (no electricity or water just yet) I am staying again tonight in a near-by guesthouse, grateful for the ac and shower.  Did I mention it’s really hot here?  While not hot enough to scare me away, it is a balmy shift from the still “post winter weather” of Vienna.

The mall was a recommended air-conditioned escape for the afternoon to pass some time until my room is ready and I can begin to settle in.  Arriving at the mall, I have to admit it brings some comfort having access to some Western conveniences.  As I have begun to make my way around a little, I find my brain is a bit confused as to where exactly I am.  While I am aware that I don’t speak the local language, when searching for possible words my brain keeps trying to string together basic ideas in German.

I am excited and optimistic about my new job, city and abode.  But for now still a little… tired and jet lagged.  Good night as I take in some air con and a good night of slumber!

One Response to “Just Arrived”

  1. Cletus Billesbach 05/05/2015 at 15:00 #

    Well who would of thought Thailand, but again who would know where your new home would be anyway. Ha! Glad you arrived OK.I am going to try a game of canasta this afternoon with your mother and a friend of hers. Haven’t played it in years. Hope I remember something.Been planting flowers and still have more to go. A lot of work, but I love flowers. Just hope we get a lot of rain this summer.Well I better get breakfast and get some housework done yet this morning.Take care.Millie

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