Keeping it clean

22 Mar

It has been a sunny day at the Seminar Haus. It is such a relief to feel the heat of the sun penetrating in a way that actually warms and heats my body!  Ahh!  Feels good!

Things have shifted these past few weeks as the days get longer and warmer weather has brought some life back to the Seminar Haus.  Days are mostly no longer solo as my host has returned to bring his garden back to life.

This past week I was challenged by my host to wake up further from my winter slumber and step up more into action.  Some of it is a call for me to pay attention more… to the cleaning that I do.  Some of it is to pick up the pace of my work.  And additionally, some of it is a call for better communication… on my end and his.

To meet his request I am exploring sharpening some new skills…particularly those of cutting vegetables as we prepare meals for our guests during seminars.  Lately I have been somewhat… hesitant in the chopping department as I have been afraid I might slice and dice a finger instead of the vegetable of the day.  But, I will not give up!  Yes it is possible for me to learn to cut vegetables quickly like a pro… it’s just going to take some practice and some patience… on my part and his.  At the suggestion of a friend, I explored the web and found a friendly and informative you tube video that demonstrates chopping.  We did a little chopping today at lunch, the video and me.  And slowly and carefully, it seems this method may work and keep my precious fingers, if only in my imagination, from becoming part of the dish of the day.  Here is the video if you’d like to check it out!

But today was…. pretty good.  A little cleaning this morning and a new task later this afternoon of washing the windows in the “big dojo”.  The afternoon was completed with some innocent garden work – learning how to create an edge around the beds with the shovel.

So… it’s been a challenging week… coming out of the cold and meeting the call of Spring.  I am sharpening some skills, learning some new ones and continuing to practice my work around the Seminar Haus of keeping it clean.

Photo by Michael Hartley from the not quite spring gardens in Wettenbostel.

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