November frost

13 Nov

A frosty day in Wettenbostel!  I woke up this morning to find a thick coat of frost covering the grounds and cars of the Seminar Haus.  Almost looking like snow.  It reminds me of Christmas.   Having lived in New Orleans for the past 13 years, cold weather and frost is new and old to me….  new as it has been a while and old as it is reminiscent for me of growing up in St. Louis, Missouri with the cold and the frost.

I greeted the day to begin preparing breakfast for our seminar guests… this being Sunday, the last day of their visit and seminar with us.  Sunday is also waffle day.  A happy day for most.  My host and cook extraordinaire makes a healthy but delicious waffle batter and the waffle maker shapes them in a circling connection of six hearts, like a flower.  Served on top of the waffles… fresh fruit… this morning pineapples, bananas and oranges… Then fresh whipped whipping cream.  My host was “sweet” enough today to make a little whipping cream and waffles with no sugar…for me and his wife… The whipping cream instead of sugar had a little of vanilla in it.  Yummy and tasty!  And good for the heart… we all need a little something sweet every once in a while!  Food for the soul!…

I am still new to preparing breakfast on my own… as my former porch companion, Dan, currently in Switzerland, was the previous master of breakfast.  But I am under development.. in the process of mastering the art of breakfast.  Today was my first breakfast with waffles… a little more complex than the typical breakfast.  My timing was  a little slow and our hungry guests were chanting for us to bring out the fruit to go on top of the waffles… delayed a few minutes.  But still good spirits and good food all the same!

As I am out of practice with the cold, I have been “caught” a few times heating my room beyond the desired heating capacity…. heating it to a cozy womb-like temperature.  My host walked by the other day and asked if there was a fire in the fireplace… “no”  I say sheepishly… ” it’s just my room….” “What!” he says with a spark in his eye.  He jokes and says that the climate in my room would be good for his orchids.  In the meantime I am … adjusting and practicing… turning the nob down a notch or two on the heater in my room.

Wool is becoming my new companion.  A few new wool sweaters from the thrift store in Hamburg, wool hat, wool socks, and the latest addition… wool long underwear!  Apparently a fashion must in the cold country.  My hosts have been very loving about supporting me with wool… the other day I arrived at my room to find a pretty pair of new wool socks left at my door like the tooth fairy.

I took some pictures today.  What a treat to take a moment to do so.  There are still some flowers and hints of color “hanging in there” in the garden… newly decorated with icy crystals.  My host is a photographer and has a wonderful camera.  He is very friendly about sharing his toys and I happily used his camera to capture some of the last glimpses of color of the season.  He also pointed out today that one of the trees in the oriental garden is blossoming… among a few other trees scattering throughout the garden… the sweet simplicity of unexpected and unexplained blossoming in the midst of the oncoming winter.  A little odd in truth… but sweet just the same.

And now, just listening to a little Jack Johnson on my computer.  Such simple melodies pulling me into the coolness and softness of the night.  Most of the business of the day has drifted away, although there is still some shuffling about… beginning preparations for a unusually large group this coming weekend.  Just another night in Wettenbostel!

Photo by me… Nancie Teresa… from the frosty gardens of Wettenbostel

2 Responses to “November frost”

  1. Elizabeth Ohmer Pellegrin 11/17/2011 at 10:06 #

    Awwww, they gave you socks! Like I used to! Aren’t wool socks just wonderful in cold weather? Today the high was 82 degrees in New Orleans. 😉 Just lovely. But I’m so glad you are having all of these experiences in Europe that you wouldn’t be having at home.

  2. nancieteresa 11/17/2011 at 12:59 #

    Yes, that is right! I must be an attractor for socks or something…Yes wool socks are wonderful and yes Many experiences here that I would not have at home!

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