It’s the Little Things

5 Jul

I arrived safely yesterday in Hamburg.  After being in Berlin, arriving in Hamburg was like Berlin light… The train station in Hamburg actually felt calm as I breathed a little sigh of relief. Of course it is still a far step from the field, sheep and open spaces of Wettenbostel.  I am staying in a flat in Altona, an area of Hamburg, for July while new friends are away and traveling.  Their flat is peaceful, comforting, open and safe.  Like a little oasis.

The next morning greeted me, I felt peaceful and warm… and then I thought…what am I going to do?  I did my morning rituals including the Sudarshan Kriya, chanting my morning Sutra, and a little study of A Course in Miracles… and the thought slowly crept in… what now?…

I may have still been thinking this when a facebook message started blinking on my computer screen.  I was fortunate to make  a new friend attending a seminar at the house in Wettenbostel and as luck would have it he lived in the same area of Hamburg that I was staying in.  And there he was, blinking on my screen!  He offered a welcome invitation to meet for tea and a gracious offering to meet me at a location that was familiar to me and off I went!

After tea I was grateful to find my way home… and then I took a little bicycle ride around the neighborhood.  I felt a little clumsy in my new town but took delight in being out and around on a bicycle.  There are tons of bicycle riders in Hamburg.  Young, old, flourishing everywhere! I easily found a grocery store nearby, parked the bicycle and went inside to buy a few veggies and some fruit.  I felt the excitement of a child when entering as this was my first real excursion to buy food in Germany.  Living in Wettenbostel our hosts graciousy provided most of our food and although I’d accompany them on occassion, I hadn’t been to the store on my own!  Euros are still a bit of a stranger to me and, although I like and appreciate their bright colors and sparkly metalic accents I am not yet well-versed in spending them.  A sort of ticklish feeling overcame me as I handed them over in exchange for food.  He accepted them and gave me some funny looking gold coins in return. A fair trade.

And now I am at home basking in the energy of someplace new and fresh.  I have a little food at the flat and will join my new friend later for a walk along the river Elbe.  This is a great new place to be…

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