28 Jun

The “D” word.  I spent most of my life trying to avoid it.  As if I ducked into a dark alley and turned and did a fancy swerve enough times I just might escape it all together.  And then I decide to embark on an adventure to Europe.  My mid-life escapade.  My joie de vivre and what finds me…  you guessed… domesticity.

I am visiting and helping out at a Seminar House and as luck would have it, people at seminars like to eat.  And food is made in kitchens and me, being here to help out and be of service in exchange for my lovely stay here is of service… in the kitchen.  Now, it hasn’t been overlooked by my wonderful host that as a child and young woman I did not take the domesticity pill.  We had a frank conversation the other day as he reminded me that dishes needed to washed on the front AND the back side… I admittedly said this was an area where I have… “room for growth.”  Growth.  Grrr.

Upon the advice of my Reiki teacher, I have been approaching my tasks here with the “wax on wax off” approach.  Attempting to be present.  Feeling the soap on my hands as it runs through the dishes… but alas, even in my effort to be “zen” I find that I want to throw a tantrum in the corner and behave like a spoiled child, screaming surrounded by piles of dirty dishes.  After dinner on the third day of this seminar as I was there immersed in a messy kitchen to clean by myself I experienced something I might call “The Cinderella Effect…”

And to top it all, my immersion in domesticity is in… Germany… and for me, being an indulgent water using energy inefficient American… at times this occurs as a challenge.  For you yogis out there, it kind of like being introduced to the Iyengar of domesticity.  Wash the dishes, stand up strait, don’t use much water… or much soap, angle the dish, oop… water running too long… just put soap on one sponge… use as little water as you can, rinse, bend put in dish washer and now… breath and relax.  Yeah right.

I will admit though I am not completely averse to all of my domestic minglings here at the Seminar House.  I have been somewhat alarmed to notice a bit of joy and even something perhaps close to … bliss.. in my kitchen encounter.  I might have a little kick in my step as I bring the pot of food out steaming hot to our eager, hungry participants.  And I may have even… looked forward to… rinsing off the piles of dishes and perhaps even a little satisfaction in scrubbing and cleaning a dirty pot to its friendly happy clean disposition.

Alas… lunch has been served today and I have some time for respite before dinner preparation and clean up.  Tonight a restful night sleep and then joy of joy… I get to rise and prepare breakfast for the participants… and boil eggs all by myself!

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