Each day is a treasure

16 Jun

Well I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to worry. And to try to move to quickly through my day, through a moment… secretly hoping that no one will see me or trying to make a clean getaway. Or perhaps just trying to make it through the day, carrying the load like it was a burden on my back. Or making big plans, thinking about money, how to pay for this, how to pay for that. But what I am considering, what I am being invited to see, what seems to be tapping me gently on the shoulder is that each day is a treasure.

In some ways this brings up panic for me. Oh my God, I’ll have to let me my guard down, have to put down all of the packages I’ve been hurdling so diligently from point A to point B, point B to point A and back again, because all of the packages get in the way of just being with the day.

When I put them down and just stop and consider, it’s like the day wants to sing. It’s like it calls me to be open rather than hide huddled up in the corner or sling it around like hash. The day is like an opening, like an opening within me as if the day somehow lives within me.

So here I am in Germany. I can put down my worry of today. My wondering. My pain and if even only for a minute give way to that day and see what it has to say. See what it is offering and in that moment the rest is unnecessary. It will unfold.

2 Responses to “Each day is a treasure”

  1. Jean Vegas 06/19/2011 at 04:38 #

    Someone asked President Ikeda how he had been able to fulfill his promise to members to do 100% more than before. When he first said he would do so, it was taken as symbolic. Then when he showed the results in his activities it was amazing. His answer was that it is simply about living in the moment.

    • Elizabeth Ohmer Pellegrin 06/28/2011 at 12:46 #

      Jean, I was talking to a Reiki student about this very thing a few days ago. Living in the moment is where it’s at! Nancie, glad to hear you are drumming & exploring!

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