As I continue to cultivate an international life, I am happy to share my skills that I can do anywhere in the world!  I am available for freelance and contract projects as well as telecommuting work opportunities.

I am pleased to offer the following services :



I have been designing brochures, business cards, logos, ads, CDs and more since I studied it in college which was, well, a little while ago.  I have experience working successfully with clients remotely and find that great communication and success are quite easy to manage. Do you have a graphic design need?  Let me know and we can work together to design something great!  Cost is determined by project. Click here to view my on-line portfolio.

Contact me if you have a graphic design need, question or would like a quote!

REIKI TREATMENTSusui-shiki-ryoho
Reiki is a Japanese art of natural healing.  I practice the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Reiki led by Grand Master Phyllis Lei Furumuto.  Reiki is a powerful but gentle healing energy that balances and restores the body.  It helps relax and ease the body and the mind.  It can also diminish physical pain, accelerate healing, and assist in providing equilibrium during challenging times and change.  Want to read more about Reiki?  Here is an informative website.

Hand-on Reiki Treatments
I am available to give hands-on Reiki treatments wherever I am may travel.  During a full treatment, a client lies fully clothed on a treatment table.  As the practitioner I lay my hands in varying positions on the front and back of the body.  The Reiki energy flows through me to the client.  A full treatment lasts about an hour.  If you are interested or curious, please contact me for rates, questions, or to schedule an appointment.

Distant Reiki Treatments
As an advanced student of Reiki, I offer distant Reiki treatments.  Distant Reiki can be sent to any person and any situation regardless of time and physical location.  Distant treatments are the same healing energy that is offered during a hands on treatment with all the healing benefits.

For $50 you will get an hour-long distant Reiki treatment.

For $60 you will get a 15-20 minute distant Reiki treatment four days in a row.  A treatment four days in a row in Reiki is very powerful.

Contact me if you would like to schedule a distant Reiki treatment or have any questions!

Travel and Reiki. 
I am willing to travel to your location for periods of no less than a month to offer regular Reiki treatments to you, your community or a loved one.  If you are interested or curious, please Contact me and we can start a conversation!

If you enjoy my blog, perhaps you would like to hire me for a writing project.  I am available to write for on-line and print magazines, blogs, publications, and journals.  I also enjoy writing copy for on-line and print marketing. I have experience writing copy for brochures, ads and websites as well as business and professional writing.  I have a B.A. in Communications/ Public Relations.

Contact me if you have a writing assignment request or have any questions.


Ever the willing traveler, I am interested in opportunities that take me to new people and places.  I am open to work for pay but also willing to consider a satisfying trade which may include work or a project in exchange for room and board.    Please contact me if you have a work exchange opportunity or idea.


Thank you for supporting my journey, work and travels!

Here is a quick and easy way for clients to make payments.  If you need to make a payment for a work agreement, Reiki treatment or design project please simply use the button below and enter in the agreed amount.  Much gratitude to you!

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