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Gypsy Woman features my stories, tips and wisdom after three years (and counting) of unexpected international life… with no permanent address.  It is also the virtual home of my professional services including Graphic Design, Reiki, and Freelance Writing.

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Ten years ago I faced a health crisis that challenged my mind, body and soul. Two years later Hurricane Katrina hit destroying my apartment and my community and launching me out of New Orleans, my home for nearly ten years. Eighteen months later I returned to New Orleans excited but… not quite inspired to settle down.

I met a crossroads nearly 5 years later that required I do something… different.  So I did. I took a leap and bought a ticket to Europe.  This was the beginning of an international adventure and big school of life that continues today, over three years later.

My unexpected expat life isn’t about seeing all the best places in the world.  It’s a personal odyssey and a journey of transformation. This blog is my story.

Please join me as I explore these juicy topics enmeshed in my life abroad.

Chronicles.  The regular stories from my irregular life  – wherever in the world I may be.

Travel Tips.  After living and traveling overseas for nearly three years beginning with virtually no money and income, I have stories, experiences and a some good ideas to share and pass along.

Spirituality.  This is a central focus to my life and journey.  Traveling overseas has afforded me new opportunities in this realm and provided me with community and support no matter where I am in the world.  Additionally, my own personal practices provide the backbone that give me the fortitude to continue exploring the often unexpected expat life.

Health and Wellness.  For me health and wellness includes healthy eating, healthy body and healthy mind and spirit. Paying attention all of these things makes a huge difference in my life.  It is a joy and sometimes a challenge when living in foreign environments.  It’s fun to share and discuss with others.

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Gypsy for Hire
I am a multi-talented gypsy with a bevy of skills. I would love to share them with you and be of service in some way. You can count on me for quality and inspiring graphic design and writing.  I also have nearly ten years experience as a Reiki Practitioner.  Would you like to know more?  Click here to view my portfolio and read more about my professional services.

Links and Resources
Please be patient with me as I continue to cultivate resources worthy of sharing relative to my journey in travel and well-being.  Click here to take a look!

If you’d like to make a contribution to support this Gypsy Woman and her big school of life, it is always welcome and deeply appreciated. Contributions of all sizes make a BIG difference to me on my journey!  Click here to read more about my journey and considering a contribution.

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